Why Are The Pleiades Important?

Pleiades, sometimes also known as the seven sisters,

Cr 42, Messier 45, Mel 22 are actually the cluster of the stars that contains different type of stars including hot B and middle aged stars.

Pleiades are consider as one of the nearest star clusters to earth at a distance of about 444.2 light years.

Astronomers found this cluster of blue stars form within the last 100 years, and it survive for more 250 million years.

Significance of Pleiades:

The cluster of these helical stars, the seven sisters; although only the six stars are visible,

are use for the conception of astronomical phenomena.

For the elements of aboriginal calendars, Pleiades are the ones which poses as absolute importance as they have for astronomy.

In modern and ancient cultures, this visible cluster of stars gives its importance along the eclipse.

It basically contains approximately 500 stars in the night sky.

Pleiades also gives a privilege in setting a target for lots of studies and researches of sub stellar objects.

Other than that, for many civilizations in the past, Pleiades also serve as a calendar.

The history of brown dwarf is also very well connect to the Pleiades as Pleiades play a very crucial role in

discovering the first brown dwarf in 1995 one of the most extraordinary discovery of Spanish researchers.

Brown Dwarf:

Brown dwarf is a dull star as it does not glow that brightly because it cannot initiate hydrogen fusion.

Although it can be considered as a white star as it does not emit light and heat, also known as failed star.

These stars weighs approximately 30 times the mass of the Jupiter in a rough estimation commonly lies between the planets and the stars.

Along with the number of facts, there are so many myths associated to the history of Pleiades.

They are consider as the daughters of the Pleione and Giant Atlas.