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aliens have been found around far-off stars.

Scientists discover eight alien signals that define the technology using a new machine-learning technique. The research, which was release on January 30 in the journal Nature Astronomy (opens in new tab), makes no claims to have discover concrete proof of extraterrestrial intelligence. The results of a short search for the signals identify in this investigation […]


Star cluster may disprove Newton and Einstein

Star cluster The Moon, a contentious theory of gravity that Newton challenges and rejects the idea of dark matter, may be support by the unequal distribution of stars in some neighboring star groupings. After Astronomers studying star clusters in our galaxy have discover data before that vehemently refutes Newton’s principles of gravity and may fundamentally […]


What is the shape of the universe?

Shape of the Universe Despite appearing to be formless due to its size, the cosmos includes forms that astronomers can perceive. So, how is it structured? The cosmos, according to physicists, is flat. His rays from the Big Bang, the pace of the universe’s expansion at various areas, and the way the cosmos “looks” from […]