Star cluster may disprove Newton and Einstein

Star cluster The Moon, a contentious theory of gravity that Newton challenges and rejects the idea of dark matter, may be support by the unequal distribution of stars in some neighboring star groupings.

After Astronomers studying star clusters in our galaxy have discover data before that vehemently refutes Newton’s principles of gravity and may fundamentally alter our perception of the cosmos.

Therefore The odd discovery could lend credence to a divisive theory that eliminates all dark matter.

Open star clusters, which are bigger galaxies’ loosely bound collections of up to several hundred stars,

provide the researchers with proof of this. The open cluster is surround by tidal tails, which are star trails.

According to the researchers’ observations, such star clusters have a greater number of stars pointing forward than backward.

This contradicts Newton’s rule of universal gravity, which states that there should be an equal number of stars in both tidal tails.

Astrophysicist Pavel Kroupa from the University of Bonn said, “This is highly important.” a significant impact.

The study’s primary author, Kroupa, asserts that the findings constitute proof of modified Newtonian dynamics in a paper publish on October 26 in the Royal Astronomical Society’s monthly notice (MOND).

Newton’s widely acknowledge law of gravitation is oppose by the MOND theory of gravity.

Although stunning, this star’s uneven distribution of dark matter is not particularly dramatic (invisible matter thought to exert a strong gravitational pull on visible matter in the universe).

It fundamentally changes the game, he said. It invalidates any cosmological and astrophysical research that relies on dark matter and Newtonian gravity.

Dark matter?

Every particle in the cosmos attracts every other particle with a force proportionate to their masses and inversely proportional to the square of their distance,

according to Isaac Newton’s universal law of gravitation, which was first publish in 1687.

This law was eventually integrate by Albert Einstein into his general relativity theory, which was release in 1915.

But according to Kroupa, neither Einstein nor Newton knew that galaxies even existed, therefore MOND was create to put their theories in line with current scientific knowledge.