8 billion light-years distant, a radio transmission is received

radio transmission Using a cosmic trick first predicted by Einstein, astronomers have discover radio signals from ever deeper points in space. Astronomers were able to gather the most remote signals of their type from far-off galaxies using distortes spacetime as a magnifying glass, providing a peek into how our universe form. The galaxy SDSSJ0826+5630 is […]

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Does Gravity make you age more slowly?

Gravity More than a century ago, Einstein’s theory of general relativity fundamentally altered how people thought about the cosmos. Since then, researchers have shown that time is not moving steadily forward as previously thought. That time moves more swiftly at the top of every staircase in the world than it does at the bottom is […]


Star cluster may disprove Newton and Einstein

Star cluster The Moon, a contentious theory of gravity that Newton challenges and rejects the idea of dark matter, may be support by the unequal distribution of stars in some neighboring star groupings. After Astronomers studying star clusters in our galaxy have discover data before that vehemently refutes Newton’s principles of gravity and may fundamentally […]