8 billion light-years distant, a radio transmission is received

radio transmission Using a cosmic trick first predicted by Einstein, astronomers have discover radio signals from ever deeper points in space.

Astronomers were able to gather the most remote signals of their type from far-off galaxies using distortes spacetime as a magnifying glass, providing a peek into how our universe form.

The galaxy SDSSJ0826+5630 is 8.8 billion light-years away from Earth and is the source of a record-breaking high-frequency signal that was record by India’s Giant Metrowave Radio Telescope (GMRT).

This suggests that the signal generate at the moment the universe was creates. means around one-third your current age.

Signals are emission lines from the most primitive elements in the universe.
neutral hydrogen.

After the Big Bang, this element existed as turbulent nebulae throughout the universe, from which the first stars and galaxies eventually form.

Astronomers hope to find radio transmission the moment when the first stars began to shine. We have long search for distant signals of neutral hydrogen, but it has prove difficult to detect them given their unusual distances.

Neutral hydrogen was create some 400,000 years after the universe’s creation, when protons and electrons first joined forces with neutrons, and it dominated the early universe’s dark period before the first stars and galaxies appeared.

The intense UV radiation

that stars emit during star formation removes the electrons off the majority of the hydrogen atoms in the area around them, making the atoms no longer neutral.

Some of the ionize atoms eventually fuse back into neutral hydrogen when young stars lose their UV brilliance. Neutral hydrogen may be found and studied to learn more about the early stars’ existence as well as the period before stars ever thought of.

Light from neutral hydrogen has a typical wavelength of 21 centimeters. With the ability to probe previously inaccessible hydrogen clouds, astronomers may now better map the evolution of the universe through its many cosmological eras and, ideally, determine when the first stars emerged.

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