Which yoga is good for asthma?

yoga Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory tract which has no proper cure or treatment up till now. People with asthma have to suffer serious complications in breathing.

It might lead to a bad cough that creates a hindrance in doing even the simplest of the daily tasks.

Medication may be effective to some extent. However, a positive change in a daily routine can control this disease.

Yoga is considered one of the effective practices to reduce mental, emotional, and physical health. Multiple surveys,

it found that yoga helps asthma patients to feel better by all means of practicing it regularly. Although it is not a primary treatment for asthma it can control this disease and its symptoms. Yoga can

To relieve asthma, there are some asanas of yoga including sukasana pose, Dandasana pose, Upavistha Konasana pose, uttanasana, and Baddhakonasana pose. These are the ones that you can easily practice in your Norma routine by yourself.

• Sukasana Pose:

yoga asthma This is one of the susceptible and greatly soothing poses for asthma relief. It can help you in focusing your breathing and improves your transpiratory function. It is advisable to practice this pose early in the morning for as long as possible.

This specific pose can automatically make you feel attentive and strengthens your back muscles.

Sukasana pose is constrained in the case of knee damage and slipped disc. Otherwise, it is very effective for calmness and peace of mind.

• Dandasana Pose:

yoga Staff pose or stick pose is another name for the Dandasana pose. It usually helps to enhance the overall posture of the body. This pose is commonly practiced for stretching the calves and spine. It is found that correctly practicing this pose, may help in dealing with a lot of complications related to the reproductive organs. 

Dandasana pose can also relax the brain cells and improves the functionality of the digestive system.

• Upavistha Konasana Pose:

This pose is very helpful for leg stretches and the back. Upavistha Konasana pose is a wide-angle seated forward bend that is responsible for lengthening the hamstrings. It can strengthen your ankle and abdomen muscles and also relaxes the inside muscles of the thighs.

• Uttanasana Pose:

It is a standing forward bend that provides strong hip flexibility and provides an intense backstretch to the calf muscles.

Uttanasana pose is very useful for the improvement of the inner organs containing the liver and kidneys at the most.

This particular pose should not be practiced after having a meal or if someone is going through Glaucoma. This pose is strictly restricted during pregnancy or while having an injury in the lower back.

• Baddhakonasana Pose:

Having this pose, you can get a comprehensive stretch in the inner thighs that provides flexibility in these areas. yoga asthma

Baddhakonasana pose is highly recommended to get relief from tension, stress, and anxiety. It can also relieve upper and lower back pain.

However, yoga poses that include abdominal and clavicle breathing can have efficient control over the breath, and this exercise increases the oxygen intake which leads to a better cure for asthma.