What is biodiversity Why is it important?

Biodiversity represents everything on earth. It is the fruit of billions of years of evolution shaped by natural processes and increasingly by the influence of humans.

Biodiversity heals the ecosystem as more than 70,000 plants and tree species on earth are used do this work.

Its protection is must to get the actual fruits of its advantages for biotic and abiotic lives.

One of the most beneficial entrepreneur ideas of conservation of biodiversity is vertical gardening.

Vertical gardening is commonly known as living wall which comprises small indoor and outdoor plants grown on a freestanding structure or a fixed wall.

It is the best way to produce fruits and vegetables along with saving our environment and ensuring economic growth.

Vertical gardening not only looks beautiful but also a popular trend of the current world because it provides a number of benefits to the ecosystem and economy as well.

When these gardens are placed over a wall that faces the sun, it will create a layer of insulation. Resultantly,

it will not only keep heat out but also make that building cool and healthy.

As in the case of biodiversity, vertical forests are essential in production of fresh air from polluted one.


This makes the environment cleaner and safe for the ecosystem and for habitants living in it. Horticulture can reduce the risks of wildfires like Australian bush fire, because it manages the ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun.

It can reduce the production of carbon dioxide by following the proper system of vertical gardening.

This will result in dramatic reduction of species extinction.

This method is also helpful for keeping the air temperature low and makes sustainable additions to the ecosystem by saving biodiversity.

They work as natural air filters that make the environment and air quality cleaner. It will reduce the risks of diseases among bio tic and abiotic lives.

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