What is a Sierra Club Florida chapter?


The Sierra Club Florida is a non-profit environmental group with branches in every state. The group was founded on May 28, 1892, in San Francisco, Calif.,

by Scottish-American conservation biologist John Muir, who went on to become the first president and the longest-serving chairman in the club’s history, serving for nearly 20 years. Sierra Club Fla., which later became a branch of the national Sierra Club, is composed of volunteer leaders and government groups who serve over 32,000 participants from throughout the state.

The Chapter’s strength stems from the participation of individual, grass-roots members in the state’s 16 Sierra Club Organizations.

Implications of climate change

The world is already facing horrific implications of climate change due to the changing weather patterns

which have a complex web of impacts ranging from destruction of land to the extinction of species.

On the other hand, nations, individually, are showing their lukewarm performance for the protection of the environment and ecosystems. 

For example, recently, the Fla. state introduced laws earlier this year to expedite the construction of three big new toll roads that could ruin huge areas of Florida’s last existing agricultural land,

pollute rivers, and harm endangered wildlife,Sierra Club Florida

including the famous Florida panther. By 2030, 330 miles of tollways will be built if the project were fulfilled.

Road construction alone would kill more than 52,800 acres of unused land and foster wasteful urbanization,

resulting in the destruction of millions more acres of land.Sierra Club Florida

The group has currently initiated a national call-in movement to oppose the three toll roads legislation enacted by Florida’s legislature.

Knowing that the project will destroy almost the ecological system and cause various forms of pollution,

the project will have much more negative environmental consequences than the benefits derived from the toll road plan once it is completed.

The governor has approved the agenda ahead of schedule, despite strong mass demonstrations and demands for repealing the bill.

As a result, the Sierra Club Florida is playing a part in raising consciousness about a wide range of problems,

from health concerns to the disappearance of organisms from habitats.

People are encouraged to join the peace marches so that the organization can save the public interest and provide environmental benefits to all living creatures collectively.

“We are proud to serve people by protecting their fundamental rights, be they political, social or economic” says Ramon Cruz, President of the Sierra Club Florida.

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