What is inside Black hole ?

What is black hole?

A black hole is apart of space having that much strong gravity that no particle or even electromagnetism radiation can escape from it.


Albert Einstein first theorized the hole and it is eventually discover by Stephen hawking. The first hole was discover in 1960’s name Cygnus X-1, having mass 10 times more than sun.

What happen if an object fall in ?

hole has a event horizon I-e border of no returning, any object that cross this border would get disappear from this whole universe forever. By falling in black hole object start stretching vertically and compressed horizontally forming a long thin shape.


Types are varies by their size and electrically charge. -First one which has no positive and negative charge I-e neutral and has 20 times more mass than sun. -Second one is extraordinarily massive hole which has billions time greater mass than sun.

Is Subject really a hole?

Dr.Becky stated in her book that actually a mountain of matter is broken into tiny space that is so deep that its escape speed is much more higher than of velocity of light. She also said that hole should be called as DARK STARS.

Three fundamentals followed by hole:

1. Principle of space time equivalence

2. Cosmological principle of spacetime isotropic and homogeneity

3. Einstein general theory of relativity.

What happen if there were no hole?

No life would exist if there is no hole as black hole are made up of gravity,universe without black hole means no gravity and without gravity there will be no life/universe. no particles or even electromagnetic radiation such as light Without hole, our solar system would be roaming with no permanent orbit which would be the e1nd of it. “NO BLACK HOLE NO GALAXY”

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