What causes volcano?


Sometime layers or rocks and ash build a mountain of volcano from their repeated explosion. Its an opening in the planet  which explodes  hot gasses, molten rocks and other materials.


Santa Barbara earth scientist Matthew Jackson and thousands of other volcanologist across the globe works on the new fundamental changes in the working of volcano.

During sampling magma from Fagradalsfjall (is a volcano forms in the last glacial period) Matthew Jackson and his colleagues discover a process much more dynamic than anyone could assume in last centuries.

“Just when I think we’ve gotten close to figuring out how these volcanoes work, we get a big shock,” he said.

Jackson visited Iceland on a right time to witness the formation of fagradalsfjall, erupted and split with magma in March 2021.

“The earthquake swarm was intense” he said, this quake lasted for many weeks and retain the population OS Iceland on border.

Lava bubbled up from the hole form in the ground. In starting they got too close to it easily and select the sample of magma because of slow flow of lava.


Assuming that a magma chamber fills up slowly over time and the magma becomes mixed, Jackson explained that it drains over the course of the explosion.

As a result, those studying volcanic eruptions do not expect to see significant changes in the chemical composition of the magma as it flows out of the earth.

 This is what we see at Mount Kilauea in Hawaii, Eruptions can go on for years with only minor changes over time.

In Iceland, though, we saw more than 1,000 times the rate of change for key chemical indicators,”

Jackson continued. In a month, the eruption at Fagradalsfjall showed more compositional variability than Mount Kilauea showed in decades.

This result is a key constraint for scientists in building models of volcanoes around the world, but it is not clear how representative this phenomenon is of other volcanoes or what role it plays in generating an eruption.

For Jackson, it is a reminder that the earth still has secrets to yield.