What is the shape of the universe?

Shape of the Universe Despite appearing to be formless due to its size, the cosmos includes forms that astronomers can perceive. So, how is it structured? The cosmos, according to physicists, is flat. His rays from the Big Bang, the pace of the universe’s expansion at various areas, and the way the cosmos “looks” from […]


How do we know the age of the universe?

universe We know that the universe is around 13.8 billion years old, but how? Stars, galaxies, stellar remnants, and other things with ages spanning billions of years are disperse throughout space. The cosmos is thought to be 13.8 billion years old, which is an almost unfathomable amount of time. How do we know, though? Scientists […]

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Chinese spacecraft will collide with Earth.

spacecraft A Long March 5B rocket has returned to Earth during an uncontrolled reentry four times in the last two years.This week, after delivering its third and last module to the nascent space station, a second Chinese Long March 5B rocket is anticipated to crash down to Earth. Researchers at the Aerospace Corporation’s Center for […]