How do cats help with depression?

Cats Like many other pets, cats are the ones who can reduce anxiousness, stress, and depression and can even improve your cardiovascular health. Cats are a good stress reliever in many ways. Cuddling Cat with your cat can be so effective in releasing stress and the burden. While you play with your kitty, you can […]


Which yoga is good for asthma?

yoga Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory tract which has no proper cure or treatment up till now. People with asthma have to suffer serious complications in breathing. It might lead to a bad cough that creates a hindrance in doing even the simplest of the daily tasks. Medication may be effective to […]


Organ Trading

Organ trading The world is already facing a plethora of problems further sunk into them due to illegal organ transplantation which has become a nightmare for poor and underdeveloped countries. Human organ trafficking, a highly lucrative illegal activity, is a less-discussed type of human exploitation among all anti-human trafficking proponents due to its complex and […]